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Past. Present. Future.

In 2010, I began building banjos after having been inspired by Adam Hurt's Earthtones. My first banjo was a fretless gourd banjo and was rough looking to say the least. I built it with a circular saw and a 1 inch chisel and it looked like as much. The neck was two glued pieces of maple, with a spike neck into a 10 inch gourd. The head was a done with goat hide a tacked in place using upholstery tacks.

That next summer, I headed with a friend up to Pete Seegers Clearwater Revival and was introduced by a friend to a professional musician and producer in the area who told me he wanted to be my first customer. So a few months later with the help of our mutual friend, Kacie, I delivered my first banjo to order.

In the following years I continued to build and sell instruments privately and through local music stores. I build infrequently these days as most of my time is dedicated to teaching and playing out, but when I do have more instruments available I'll let you all know.

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