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Music Lessons

I have been playing music for quite a while now and would love to help you learn how or progress. I teach privately out of my home in Baltimore, MD, as well as in the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park and Appalachian Bluegrass in Catonsville. I often teach individual lessons but also teach group lessons. I also teach larger workshops on a seasonal basis.  Please contact me via phone 240.483.2237 or email

We can talk about getting you started.

I do lessons in:

  • Banjo (Clawhammer, two finger, folkstyles)

  • Guitar (Singer songwriter, folk styles, trad jazz, Oldtime backup guitar)

  • Fiddle (Oldtime, Bluegrass, Folk)

  • Mandolin (Oldtime, Bluegrass, Folk)​

Here are some ways I can help you in your music:

  • Becoming more proficient on your instrument

  • Being able to or better at playing with others

  • Ear training

  • Relevant music theory

  • Old-time and bluegrass tune repertoire

  • Style choices

  • Ergonomics to avoid injury

  • Finding your groove

  • Overall musicality

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Lessons: Welcome
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